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Saturday, April 22, 2006

they said about war...

"All wars are civil wars because all men are brothers." Francois Fenelon

"How good bad music and bad reasons sound when one marches against an enemy!" Friedrich Nietzsche

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." Albert Einstein

"Man is the only animal that deals in that atrocity of atrocities, War. He is the only one that gathers his brethren about him and goes forth in cold blood and calm pulse to exterminate his kind. He is the only animal that for sordid wages will march out…and help to slaughter strangers of his own species who have done him no harm and with whom he has no quarrel ... and in the intervals between campaigns he washes the blood off his hands and works for "the universal brotherhood of man" Mark Twain

"When the rich make war, it's the poor that die." Jean-Paul Sartre

"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it." Jack Handey

"You can't say civilization don't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way."

Friday, March 17, 2006

Russian researchers discover giants' graves in Syria

this is an interesting article i've found about ancient mysteries in our planet, i recommend you to read it :

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

when freedom became insanity

It is obvious that I haven't written from a very long time, but after the last accidents, I felt like I must say something about that...what is happening to the world? when is the time when we will learn that all of us do exist and none of us can erase the others from existence by ignoring them…let us see what happened and read it carefully…

First a Danish journal called "Jyllands-Posten" published on September 30, 2005, cartoon drawings showing the Islamic prophet Muhammad including a depiction of Muhammad with a bomb inside or under his turban, which is not acceptable according to Islamic traditions; well if we know that the drawing itself is forbidden in Islam then what about an offensive drawing such this one? However the Moslem world was obviously offended by these drawings, later some of the Moslem governments asked for an immediate meeting with the Danish Prime Minister to discuss this matter, however, the last one refused to meet them saying that "The government refuses to apologize because the government does not control the media or a newspaper outlet; that would be in violation of the freedom of speech".

On the other side, many protests have been organized around the Moslem World, but they were content by shouting and burning the Danish flag, to make it worse, many other journals dared to reprint the images in the cause of "freedom of speech" throwing the oil into an already blazing rage, and that end up with a violent protests in Syria and Lebanon, the mob in Syria burned the Danish embassy and the Norwegian embassy and then they headed toward the French embassy to do the same but eventually they were stopped.

So what happened out there? The mob were wrong that’s for sure, because in the result they have shown a pretty bad image of Islam, and as they wanted to defend their believes, they helped in criticizing them, not just that, the violence done in the protest brought more damage to the Islam view in the eyes of the west world, they harmed the cause and failed to be the wiser side…a question appeared here, why do we have to play the wise party? Some of them would ask, and I find this question is a very reasonable question, weren’t the Danish who started this and then refused to apologized, it is not the first time when someone criticizes Islam, but it was the first time we see this angry mob gone mad, then when the things gone bad? In my opinion the Danish cartoons controversy took a dangerous direction when the Danish Government refused to apologize, but unfortunately they ignored the Moslems feelings in a foolish action not to mention that many other journals reprinted the images, and that made the victim feeling inside a lot of Moslems nowadays transforming into a raging monsters causing these violent attacks.

Now as what done is done, it is the responsibility of religious leaders around the world to calm the storm, and as the Vatican claimed that religious figures must not be subjects of mockery, the Islamic world is calmer now, and we could see the Islamic religious leaders are trying to calm it even more as Hasan Nasr-Allah, leader of the Lebanese National Resistance Hezbollah, criticized the violent protests and claimed that Islam is a religion of peace urging the Moslems around the world to be merciful as their prophet saying that : "one should not obey god from which he disobeys him" in attempt to tell us that you can not achieve peace by doing war.

At the end, I wanted to say that we need mutual understanding, we need to respect each others believes, traditions and faiths, only then we shall have peace.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you"

Yesterday, there was a ceremony in Syria named "my peace I give to you", words from the bringer of peace Jesus Christ, Christian bands from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt sang praises to the lord to bring peace upon his beloved kingdom generally and Syria especially, Syrians came from deferent places to participate in this ceremony, Christians and Moslems, they were all together to pray.

The beautiful thing about this ceremony was the gathering of deferent people from deferent believes summoned by their love for peace and their country, a masterpiece of human forgiveness, let's all hope that the lord will lend us his ear and bring peace upon his troubled children around the world.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


A lot of people are asking me why I have made this blog…sometimes I wonder about this also, I mean , what is the point of making such a blog?, what would make a visitor stuck in this long articles? And if he did, how do I sure that he will be totally convinced about these opinions? Because at the end, the main purpose of making this blog is to tell the people about your ideas and hope that they might understand you…not necessarily to support this ideas, just to take it in consideration, so lets say that they did understand it, there are a lot of such blogs spread on the web, what makes this blog special?...nothing, absolutely nothing, let me explain; what would made a martyr's death so special? There are a lot of those who died along the centuries, and what would make Husam's testimony that special? He could be a liar after all, and what would make your lover's quote "I love you" that special? There are a lot of persons who have said this to you before…

What I meant by that, is that no matter if the martyr died for his country or for another reason, no matter if Husam was a patriot or a double agent, and no matter even if your lover meant these words honestly or not…what matter is that these actions have gained its specialty in our hearts because it made us feel "hope", because it helped us remember that there is still a light in this dark world, this is what I feel when I see such blogs, I feel hope…

"… As I think of you
from this dark century
I will always be
with generosity
that we both may share
the hope in hearing
that we're not just
Spirits disappearing…"

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Since the publishing of the notorious Detlive Mhilis's report, people kept wondering about the real identity of the mysterious unknown man who's testimony represented the largest part of this report, well that was yesterday…now this unknown man ,or the "masked testifier" as has been referred to in the report, has put down his mask and he made his first unofficial appearance on "the New TV", the same Lebanese TV station I've mentioned in my last post, in that day, he assured that what he has said is the truth and he asked the media organization's owner to give him a large amount of money if he wanted his TV station to be the first to record an official interview with him, however, he wasn’t that smart for his telephone call was recorded and also his coming to the station's building was recorded on video tapes by hidden cameras that were planted in and outside the building.

Now, the situation is very deferent; there are no hidden cameras nor telephone recorders, only an official interview: the so called "masked testifier" has unveiled his real identity as "Husam Taher Husam" a Syrian Kurdish man, previously a Syrian Intelligence agent, he has escaped from Lebanon and returned to his homeland "Syria", and he has changed his testimony, according to his all new testify, he was forced by the Lebanese business man "Saad Al-Hariri" and his two counselors "Dr. Gattas Khori" and "Fares Khashan" in addition to members of the Lebanese Government itself such as the interior minister "Hasan Al-Sabea" and the president of the information system "Major Sameer Shhadeh", to say what they want and that is to accuse Syria of the murder, however, this man is free right now and I'll spotlight the main ideas of his testimony:

The Mitsubishi Car:

In his first testimony he said that the Mitsubishi Car where the bombs were trapped, has been trapped in Syria with acknowledgement of High Syrian Officers, now he said that it was trapped in Lebanon and he was forced to say that he saw it in "Behmana" in 11,12,13,14 of February before it was transported to the murder scene.

The Bomb:

He was taught by Major Sameer Shhadeh in the presence of Fares Khashan that the Syrians gave him the weapon of the crime while they were the one to give him three bags full of "TNT" and "C4" and ordered him to put it in a place where the investigators will find it after that and use it as an evidence to accuse Syria.

Fake testifiers:

According to Husam, certain men in Lebanon are bringing fake testifiers to give what they've taught them to Mhilis as a testimony, after tempting them with money and other things, however, some of these men are widely known such as "Marwan Hmadeh", "Jebran Twiny", who's brought a testifier and codenamed him as "Ziad Al-Halabi", and last, "Waleed Jenblat" the one who was behind the fake testimony of "Zuhair Al-Siddiq", and he mentioned that Wleed has given Zuhair 22000$ in order to testify of what they want.

I am the who will question the Syrian Officers:

He said that all of this is actually a play that will end by accusing Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, and he declared that these men has gave him a list of 45 questions and forced him to write them on a paper with his own hands in order to question the departed Syrian Officers in Vienna, they wanted him to testify (again) that he is a close friend of "Assef Shawkat" while he hasn’t saw him during his lifetime, and "Saad Al-Hariri" has promised him that after he accomplished his mission in Vienna, he will be transferred to Paris to make a plastic surgery in order to change his face features thus he wont be known.

He has also declared that all the Lebanese Officers who under arrest are innocents and so are the other accused ones and he said that they want prove that 45 persons are responsible of the crime pointing that this is "a dirty game".

And he has assured that he is ready to testify in an international court to prove his honesty and mentioned that deleting all of his testimony from Mhilis's report will shrinks it into a mere 5 pages, well, if we delete the two covers, the introduction and the end, then the report will be a mere one page, taken by consideration the font size, the header and footer, in addition that there might be some pictures also, we will came into a conclusion that Mhilis did not write anything important besides Husam's testimony… anyway, at last he said that a donkey in his village is better than the car given to him and that no money in the world can heal the wound of a traitor.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lebanon Government in exile

Probably the numbers of people heard off this government are few, especially in our region, these Lebanese politicians departed from Lebanon and made their own government in exile, precisely in Jerusalem and they named themselves "real patriots" while the Lebanese government officers are "traitors". However, this is not the subject I am into, the main reason why I choose to post about them is the news I've heard in a local Lebanese TV network called "The New TV", in one of their political programs. They've mentioned that this self-exiled government has made a playing cards (such as the Iraqi version made by the USA) that holds the main characters in the Lebanese government during the Syrian existence in Lebanon, with acknowledgment that this playing cards represents the heads of the so called "traitors" (including the ex-Prime Minister Rafic Hariri) whom must be perished in order to free Lebanon from terrorism.

Honestly, I couldn't find their website, but I have found an another interesting website that deals with their matter : , maybe build by their supporters, however, in this website you could find a strange articles that attacks Syria and even accuses her of the "Sabra & Shatila" massacre, which is widely known that the Israeli Army did it leaded by the current Israel Prime Minister "Ariel Sharon". Another thing that might interests you in this website, you will find a declaration that urges "Sharon" to destroy the Palestinians whom they refers to as the terrorists, while in other declaration they insists that what they need is peace…anyway, in one of their demagogues articles named "Syria, the Palestinians and their Lebanese allies: terrorism and war crimes", and precisely in section 44 they mention "Rafic Hariri", and I quote:

"On October 22, 1989, Lebanese delegates sign in Taef, Saudi Arabia, a document which transforms Lebanon into a Syrian vassal state.
The sojourn of the delegates in Saudi Arabia was secured by the Saudi speaker in Lebanon, the billionaire Rafic Hariri. A note of interest, Saudi Arabia itself insists on ignoring the mere notion of a Constitution. And it is this country which dispenses lessons on law to the descendants of Ulpien, Papinien, and Paul, creators of the Roman law.
The Lebanese Forces, the religious heads of all the Lebanese communities, the phalangists and the Christian leaders in the north, led by Soleiman Frangi, were all in favor of this agreement. The Lebanese Prime Minister, General Michel Aoun, the Guardians of the Cedars and the Lebanese population rejected this agreement.
Rafic Hariri, who headed the third pro-Syrian, post-Taef government, proclaimed on February 2, 1993, that the Syrian presence in Lebanon was indispensable for keeping order in the country because, according to him, the Lebanese army was incapable of doing so. Rafic Hariri is a traitor par excellence. He buys silence and dictates the behavior of numerous Lebanese and foreign politicians with his dirty money."

So after reading this and knowing that Detlive Mhilis, the judge appointed by the UN to investigate the assassination of the "par excellence traitor" as he was named by the Lebanon Government in exile, did not even take this theory in consideration, you will absolutely be as surprised as I am now…let us just try to answer this question mindfully:
Why would a judge refuse to even investigate an obvious enemy of a victim while he insists to accuse a friend of the same victim? Maybe he just doesn’t know about this enemy at all …could this be the truth?...maybe, after all a smart person like you must take all the possible theories in consideration.